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Mixed soleplate
The Mixed soleplate from Joma is a professionals choice which offers the best of both worlds. For surfaces which are soft enough to take a screw-in but firm enough at the same time to take a more forgiving rubber stud, the Mixed is a unique combination, specifically suited to the UK market.

Mixed plate
PU12 moulded soleplate
A particular favourite for UK professionals, the PU12 features 12 forgiving studs manufactured from lightweight PU rubber. The oustanding comfort of this soleplate increases the quality of stability provided for softer natural surfaces. Professionals often take the PU12 as an alternative firm ground option to the Mixed (above) or Recambio (below).
PU 12 plate
Recambio soleplate
Probably the most popular soleplate in the UK market the 'Recambio' features 12 screw-in studs which offer perfect grip on typically soft grounds. Soleplates are colour keyed to match uppers and are available on most of the boots on offer through Samba Soccer.
PU14 moulded soleplate
A continental style soleplate featuring 14 strategically distributed moulded studs, providing stability and balance for frim to soft ground. This soleplate offers slightly longer and harder studs which enable it to cope with most surfaces.
PU14 plate

Turf soleplate
Perfect for clay courts or very firm ground, the Joma Turf soleplate gives leass than 50% contact with the ground, yet provides 200% more traction and stability.

Turf plate

Indoor soleplate
Joma is the worlds leading name for specialist Fútsal products. Some of the planets top players wear the famous Top Flex indoor shoe with incredible flexibility, balance, and traction qualities.

With Phylon wedges to provide ultimate cushioning and control, Joma indoor soles set theb benchmark for inddor football.

Indoor plate